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Aug 28, 2013 6:00pm EDT
of syrian air strike fears, and anger about upcoming political wrangling in washington have cast on the stock market and they've combined to keep, let's say the average is not doing much this month except for going down. keep in mind that this toxic brew along with higher gas prices and stretched stock valuations have made the market more perilous than it's been in some time. we've got to ask ourselves, which are the least perilous stocks we buy once you believe the market has baked in the latest bad news? i don't think it has yet. but maybe you think the worst is over. i'm going to try to help you, okay. let me give you the list i've been working off of. in part because i run a charitable trust. you can follow it along, and part because i came out here many times in the last six weeks and told you to wait for a pullback in certain stocks. the pullback's here. i can't now say wait for another pullback. i've got to at least be true to what i told you earlier. first, because it is freshest, is retail. two retailers stood out among a totally, you know, look, just a terrible group. t
Aug 27, 2013 6:00pm EDT
, partisanship and ugliness dog. even the most ugly thing in washington like needing to pay the federal bills, but it does matter. it kills the market every time it happens. take a look at the charts. the sequester knocked the market for a loop. does anyone think this time will be different? of course not. we could have been down 1% on the interviews alone. i think it's obvious that they provide no up side, and all down side and the budget battle will be all about raising taxes on the rich, right? hey, come on. and the republicans saying they want to cut taxes but will not present anything that is important to cut. neither side will see eye to eye. that is why we are in this position. it's truly silly that the fed is talking about a tapering before the debt ceiling negotiations. ben bernanke had to see this ahead. it's one of the few things that can be banked on is the problem that washington causes. memo to mr. bettrnanke, you hav to come out and say tomorrow, that you will not do anything about tapering until the debt ceiling and the budget is taken care of. they are all about making everyo
Aug 29, 2013 11:00pm EDT
the market. you get the big september shutdown in washington. you shut down the stock market with it. probably another 5% decline. one man made scenario, we go to all time highs. another man-made scenario, the bullish current has common sense behind it, typically, it can produce more jobs. the bears has little support of the economically deaf politicians in washington. to make matters worse, the fed has burned down the gauntlet. so if the war and the government burned down, ben bernanke is take, himself out of the risk. interest rates can spiral higher. what do you do in that environment? that's easy. i think it's a recipe to stay on the sideline, these macro forces would move us around. i'd rather stay in the bay, not take my chances. we are facing man-made events. the men making them and women do not care about the economic impact of their decisions. they simply don't take them into account. they don't take your job into account. neither party in that environment. but that, well, in that environment, that needs to stay planted firmly on your shoulder until either stocks come down o
Aug 28, 2013 11:00pm EDT
much turmoil in washington. many of the consumer packaged goods stocks only yielded 3% and change. got more on them later. too early, utilities, no thank you. housing gone from amazing to plain bad. again, adding up so quickly we have to wait until the fourth quarter to see if people don't mind the new interest rate sticker shock. i don't have a lot of stocks that are down enough. and i'm not call a bottom. here is the bottom line. the circle back will be in effect tomorrow. look for companies that reported terrific quarters recently and be ready to start nibbling when the smoke clears, that way you'll have the conviction to buy more if it turns out the situation is worse than first thought. am i doing this for my charitable trust? today when the market was down, we committed some, some of the trust's cash. but only in stocks that had fallen so hard that the purchases helped our cost basis or what we paid for the sell-off. that's my way, my discipline. we left plenty of room for more. plenty of room. if things go awry, and we know in the middle east that very few thing frs go as planne
Aug 26, 2013 6:00pm EDT
. if washington's about to come back and become another hot bed of gloom and partisan infighting starting september, who would want to sell the dollar stores? you want to buy them. netflix has taken up residence on the new high list. growing subscriber list and it is a cold stock. i wanted apple and microsoft to buy netflix. since then it's tripled. you make that same argument if it trades at $382. it's overpaid. best buy, that won't quit. some of the propellant comes from the 49% decline it underwent last year. second worst performer in the s&p 500. at this point the 200% rally at the bottom falls at the feet of the hard goods renaissance in this country as individuals seem to have abandoned apparel for hardware. harley davidson sitting on the 52-week high list for another reason. i can't see gatsby riding a harley. it is a terrific status symbol. dow chemical has gotten on the new high list by virtue of its cheap feed stock. it uses natural gas and nat gas liquids to make plastic. wynn resorts finds itself on the list. wynn is the casino gambling destination for chinese. go figure. i do
Aug 5, 2013 6:00pm EDT
the final crisis or the reform in washington produced in response to the crisis. or and this is something that soured a whole generation of people in the stock market, too many tech stocks going to the dot com bust. the goal of diversification is to spread your money across unrelated stocks. so when something happens that makes one good down hard wbt rest remain relatively unscathed. can you even go higher? that's the view of the diversification, and it is mandatory. but you know what? if you're going to prepare for anything, it is not enough to make sure your stocks don't overlap. you want all kind of markets. so tonight i explain the new diversification. how to make sure you own something that is an increasingly chaotic, difficult and unforgiving investing environment. where diversified by sector loan is not enough. sure we have benign moments but at any time we know it is a big up, small down, we end up kicked to the curb as everyone knows. and we wish we are diversified as a hedge. against our own complacency and the fed loose loses control of the situation. there are five areas you n
Jul 31, 2013 11:00pm EDT
doctors and what should it be said about what should happen in washington? >> this is big. watching the movement in athena from basic claims payment -- >> it's a fee for service. initially, that's how i viewed you. >> we came up with 40 million ways that we knew about that insurance claims denied. 40 million? anyway. now, what's happening is you're moving from fee for service to fee for outcome, so the government law, there's things called risk contracts where the health plan is saying i give up. here's how much i'm spending on this patient, you take care of it, making doctors now responsible for the clinical quality and total cost of referrals. doctor didn't use to care -- there's no consequence of the doctor when he choose which cardiologist. our business model depends on connecting clinical providers to one another clinically, not financially. does that make sense? there's a movement from fee for service to fee for health status obtained. so now, everything a doctor ordered off her pad counts. it didn't used to. >> i think david faber broke this story about community health. good
Aug 19, 2013 6:00pm EDT
's a disappointing quarter. i can't recommend it. let's go to pat in washington. pat? >> caller: yes. >> go ahead, pat. >> caller: hi. >> hi. >> caller: thanks, jim, for taking my call. >> my pleasure. >> caller: i live in a little town in eastern washington on the snake river bordering idaho. we are the gateway to health canyon. and my question to you is you've always said to not have too much in one stock and i find myself having 25% of my portfolio is in costco. >> that's a tough one, pat. >> caller: i love the store, it's six miles from my house and the stock i bought very, very low and it's done very, very well. >> i know it's tough to pay the taxes. by the way, i've got to tell you i think i would have to -- 20% even as my charitable trust has a big position in costco looking to buy it at $110. let's go to bob in florida. bob? >> caller: hey, nokia, nokia. >> i'm not going to disagree with that. i've been recommending it like three and change, everyone thinks i'm a total bozo, but i think the stock can inch up to five without a problem and then we're going to ca-ching ca-ching that because
Aug 6, 2013 6:00pm EDT
it won't protect you from the whims of the children in washington, d.c., who play with the economy willy-nilly, or the debt issue that's always going to be affecting any number of rogue nations in europe or our own company. but learning about companies isn't an all or nothing proposition. i don't think familiarizing yourself with a company should ever be dismissed as less than useful just because it doesn't immediately translate into immediate profit. and ultimately, as i said at the top of this special show, stocks do tend to drift back into line with where they deserve. they do sink, ultimately. given how the underlying company's are doing. so in addition to knowing a lot of pertinent things about a business, you can also assume that your stock will probably end up within a certain price range, but you've got to wait long, got to let it percolate. on top of that, as long as you keep up with the homework, you have a good, clean way of deciding whether or not to cut your losses in a stock that isn't working. and that's an incredibly valuable tool. especially when you're trying to claw yo
Aug 30, 2013 6:00pm EDT
have been pretty resilient. meanwhile another conflict in washington gearing up. the fight over debt ceiling,
Aug 8, 2013 3:00am EDT
, not you. given the way washington work, i wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't the case. as much as most 401(k) plans stink, you should still contribute if you have one. in order to take advantage of its tax plus nature. they're just too good to pass up. plus, many employers will match your contribution and i'm a big believer in never turning down free money. the first thing you should do is put enough money in your 401(k) to max out the company match, then stop. then the rest of your retirement investment should happen in your ira until you hit the upper limit of what your allowed to contribute. ira gives you the freedom to invest any way you want and yes, you can see, do both. you're allowed to. what should you buy in your ira? your best bet is to own high yielding stocks to provide protection and generate income. for example, as much we like high yielders, you don't want to buy mass limited partnerships. they're the highest high yielders. take the pipeline stocks. the reason, mlps is tax advantaged as their distributions are considered return to capital. which means you don't pay taxe
Aug 8, 2013 6:00pm EDT
the books of a guy named andy buyer, "the washington post" racing winner, picking winners. they teach discipline, how to identify the best thoroughbreds to bet on, how to find the best long shots, going to out of the way tracks, where information was less well-known and not betting willy nilly on every horse. find the one where is the payoff was more sure and bet big. cut your losses if you're having a bad run. every one of these lessons can be applied to the stock market. you can take a huge swing when you know what you're doing, m particularly when others don't. don't just gamble on stocks for the excitement and fun of it. most important. be disciplined. don't let your losses pile up. after five years in professional journalism, i decided to hang it up and go back to law school. the good news, i have saved enough to pay me for my first year. all in the stock market. i would never have been able to make enough had i just kept in a savings account. an index fund would have made me nothing. well, nothing at all. so here's the bottom line. you want to get started? go small. invest in wh
Aug 13, 2013 6:00pm EDT
bezos' personal acquisition of "the washington post"? in other words, could this be the corner stone similar to google's news app? >> no, i don't think so. i mean amazon, the web services business, the amazon -- there's so many different amazons right now people don't realize. there are lots of different growth businesses within a growth business. and i think he will revoluti revolutionize newspapers. i think he's too brilliant not to have a new model. these guys are like game changers, but no i'm not going to buy amazon off of that. i'm going to buy amazon because of the incredible retail momentum and taking over the world. it'll take over europe the way it did the united states. i want to own amazon. john in california? john? >> caller: jim, love your show. >> thank you. >> caller: out here in sacramento, we love you. i wanted to ask you -- i talked to you a while back about dole. now it turns out he's buying me out, it's buying me out at $13.50. should i take the money? or do you think there's more room in this sector? i had delmati, they sold out. in this sector, what do you thin
Aug 14, 2013 6:00pm EDT
, especially for your age. there. dan in washington. >> caller: hey, jim i have been calling you since 1999. i own mastercard thanks to you. i've done homework on fusion io. i don't have a position yet. but i read they turned $42 million in cash. and they're one of the leading atomic right cloud computering companies. what are your thought quements. >> this is speculative for me. i have great technology companies that are selling at low levels and i do at no need to fool around with fio. it's too speculative. i have companies at 10, 11 or 12 times earning. let's go to marty. >> caller: a big boo-yah from dallas, texas. i love your show. >> dallas. >> caller: i want to talk to you about tivo. we're disappointed when the lawsuits came in, we lost $200 million. are you convinced that they're -- small or medium sized operators and they'll grow in in this market? >> tivo doesn't interest me this much. i know people are playing i, not playing it. i don't see a lot of growth in tivo. i know it's a value proposition but i like growth in technology. you know, maybe the company has a lot of growth. i do
Aug 22, 2013 11:00pm EDT
of profitability. the traders have so much clout in washington that i bet the s.e.c. couldn't even order them to do that. blow back would be too huge. like not worth the effort. still though sometimes that's the breaks. why isn't there product safety here? why can't the government say if you want to handle the stocks you have to have a redundant system? and because no one came forward from the nasdaq to say anything on a timely basis, why didn't someone from the s.e.c. demand that someone come to the nasdaq studio and come forward, tell us what's wrong. tell us what's happening? why can't someone from the government express outrage at something that's outrageous? i have a thought about why these things occur. it's not that the system is too complicated, it's obvious that's the case. no, my theory is this. many professionals have become inured to this kind of nonsense. they say, look it comes with the territory. they shrug their shoulder, throw up their hands, well too bad. well, it is too bad. and you shouldn't shrug your shoulders, but there's no sense of outrage anymore. no one gets shaped or out
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)